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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Das Grauen Im All

Susan Justin - Theme From The Forbidden World (1982) (buy)

With Oscar chatter in full force I thought it might be fitting to throw up something movie related today. As most people are having trouble taking a breath between the words oscar and avatar, I thought I'd go for bonus points and get within six degrees of Mr. Cameron. Well, it just so happens that the film for which today's track was composed (by UCLA grad Susan Justin - also produced by Thriller synth man Craig Hundley) shared sets with an Alien knock off called Galaxy of Terror, which the King of The World designed himself. You can check a couple of them here, in a European trailer for the film back from when it was going by the name Mutant:

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Slender, Tender, Clever

Claudine - Love Is Blue (1968)

Claudine - Dindi (1968)

Quick post today for the sampling talons out there. Honestly when I picked this up I thought it might be some kind of female pop version of the Johnny Johnson track that Ghostface and Edan, among others, have already taken to the chopping block. Not so, but I'll just say that harpsichords are always en vogue.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Math

As far as adamantly vague, hand wavy cultural generalizations/observations go one of my favorite is the way in which the French have a way of leading you right to the Japanese and vice versa. As far as platforms for advancing said ramblings go this very website before you stands as one of the best I have, and so from Mr. Hallyday today we turn to the Yellow Magic Orchestra, and a few tracks from their 1980 album '×∞Multiplies' ('Zoshoku', lit. 'multiplication'). Break out the times tables:

Yellow Magic Orchestra - Behind The Mask (1980) (buy)

Yellow Magic Orchestra - Technopolis (1980) (buy)

Yellow Magic Orchestra - Rydeen (1980) (buy)

BONUS: Definitely worth mentioned these guys appeared alongside Material on the 'Disco Not Disco 3' compilation with this track.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

La Peur

Slacking like there's no tomorrow lately but bringing it back home today with some long over due prime time material from Jean-Philippe Smet aka Johnny Hallyday aka the French Elvis. I'm just going to cut right to the Darryl Hall / Shredder lovechild driven chase:

Motorcycles and explosions too low brow? How's a little art history sound?:

Little heavy on the Francophilia? I haven't heard your cover of Sweet Home Alabama:

Johnny Hallyday - Cartes Posted D'Alabama (1982) (buy)

So there you have it, the tip of a veritable cultural iceberg, a man whose retirement activities involve Harley rides through the California desert and bumping elbows with Nick Sarkozy. Check these on your way out.

Johnny Hallyday - Le Survivant (1982) (buy)

Johnny Hallyday - Veau D'Or Vadou (1982) (buy)